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Saturday, May 9, 2015

A 249.00 Dollar Humanoid Robot Controlled by a Raspberry Pi

I just got a e-mail from my friend Philip Chan, the creator of both the RoboPhilo and Philo Junior. He has now programmed the Raspberry Pi to control the Philo Junior humanoid robot! He also added the Pi Camera to the robot!

" I have done some prototype with the Philo Junior. I have added the raspberry pi B+ board to the Philo Junior with the raspberry camera at the head. You can write a c program to run on the raspberry board to control the robot. The program can send a pose to the robot or a key command to execute a pre-programmed motion just like you press a button on the ps2. The program can also read back some sensor values it you add them to the robot using the SDK for the robot."

Dude, Sweet! As the robot only costs 249.00 RTW.

Where to buy the robot.

He has upload Open CV to the Pi so he can give the robot autonomous soccer skills for Robogames 2016!

"   The robot can pan and tilt the camera at the head. You can develop a program to do the autonomous robot soccer using the camera to recognize the ball and send commands to the robot to follow and kick the ball. You can still have the fun and image processing developments without buying the expensive Nao or the Darwin OP robots.

     I have loaded the openCV and will do some development to compete for the autonomous robo soccer next year."

If that was not enough he will also program the robot in the future to use the Intel Edison.!

" I have the raspberry pi B+ done and will build the one for raspberry pi 2 and the Intel edison board. The raspberry pi 2 is working. I just need to bolt it to the robot later this week. The Intel Edison board has less software to use. I will do some more research on it."

He also told me that a video of the robot will be uploaded soon. So stay tune to this blog for more updates and details about this cool little robot.

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