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Friday, October 29, 2010

Final thoughts on Chibotica:

1.     1. Check and make sure that Boomers gyro is working.
2.      2. Need to use hit and run tactics during KungFu matches
3.      3. RoboPhilo can knock down Boomer if I stand next to them for too long and slug it out with them
        4. I think that I can increase Boomer’s running speed by increasing his stride length.
a.      The speed of a runner is based on stride length / by turnover rate
b.      I think that Boomer is under striding right now.

Bioloid Pros:
1.                Dynamical are very fast servos
2.                ZigBee remote control has very low interference problems
3.                Boomer took a lot of pounding with very little issues because of it.

Bioloid Cons:
1.      Servo wire protection maybe an issue, especially around the hips
2.      May need a better gyro
3.      Servo holding torque may not be enough
4.      Servo have a lot of play
5.      ZigBee cover in head could not stand up to head butts
6.      Charger takes too long to recharge battery too much down time
7.      Remote control was not interrupting moves
Things to work on for RoboGames 2011
1.      PLM legs? Many pros or cons to this
2.      Better servos? AX-18Fs or should I build a RX-24 robot?
3.      A six axis IMU
4.      More kungfu moves
5.      A cool paint scheme for head and chestplate
6.      Design a new head and make it in a MakerBot
7.      Outfit Boomer for MechWarrior?


  1. You are already beating the hell out of other robots. Ax18 or rx24 will make you unstoppable.

    Rx24 or ax12? How about both. I am switching out the ax12 from the knight templar I to be use in knight Templar II 's arms. Then give ax18 for I to use as legs.

  2. I have been really impressed by the RX24. I may have to save up for 16 of them.