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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is this the New Version of the DARwIn-OP??????

It looks like it to me! I found the link to these pictures in a post to the Robosavvy forums (Link). They are from the DARwIn-OP support website. The support website is hosted by It looks like the developers of the forum made it live and accessible to the internet to soon? The cool thing about the DARwIn-OP is that it will be both open software and open hardware. I think this is a great idea because it will fit in well with the Maker / Hacker movement here in the US. Which I am a great fan of and supporter of!

Link to the DARwIn-OP Project - software sharing and forum website.

Now here is the cool part, links to new pictures of the latest version of the DARwIn-OP.

Link #1...................!!!!!

Link #2...................!!!!!

I will post first pictures of the old version and then pictures of the new version. As you can see there have been many upgrades and improves to the DARwIn-OP! As I find out more details, I will post them.

Old Version!

New Version!!

All that I can say is Fascinating!! I can not wait to see this robot in action!

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