Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Learned something about the DARwIn-OP brackets.

As you can see in the pictures below the bracket almost fits a AX-18A servo. We printed out the bracket in a Thing-O-Matic which is a 3-D printer. It is about 2 mm to small in the inside measurement of the bracket. If the bracket inside measurement was the correct size of 41 mm then the bracket maybe a perfect fit for the AX-18A? We think the smaller size was caused by shrinkage of the bracket as it cooled. We created the STL file for the bracket in AutoDesk 123D. We where also having sizing issues in a previous version of AutoDesk 123D. It looks like version 5 has fixed this issue.

All I can say is fascinating!





  1. we've seen the same shrinking effect but the model was done by sketchup. this thing with 123d being the culprit sounds strange.. here's an idea maybe worth validating. Support material is thinner and dries quicker. what if you build a fictitious roof and get some support material in the middle? would that ensure the original 41mm width is kept ?

  2. It may not be shrinking! The type of infill is making the bracket thicker!

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