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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turtle Shell Racers - High Power Edition in action! Updated 08/05/11

Almost all of the parts for this kit where made on a Makerbot 3-D printer!

Michael Curry's Turtle Shell Racer - High Powered Edition Thingiverse blog post / instruction manual is now live! LInk to page!

His turtle shell racers where the talk of Maker Faire Detroit!

Link to the instruction pdf.

I must warn you that you need a 3-d printer or some other way to make the shells for the racers. The project is open sourced so I can not wait to see what mods people come up with.



  1. awesome! i'd love to get one for my kid. where can i download the plans? have access to the 3D printer but am hoping this is affordable :)

  2. Check the post above it was links to the plans on Thingiverse!

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