Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

CHARLI the robot on the Today Show!

CHARLI is one of Time Magazines best innovations of 2011!

The Time write up on CHARLI. article link.

They made a mistake in the paragaph. Charlie is autonomous!


1.5 METERS | Last summer, the U.S. team fell just short in its bid to win the women's World Cup. It didn't have the same problem at RoboCup 2011. Entered in the Humanoid League, the remote-controlled CHARLI-2 robot defeated Singapore's Robo Erectus. Though stiff, deliberate and slower than a turtle, the bot — created at Virginia Tech by Dennis Hong — secured the prestigious Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid award. According to the RoboCup website, the organization's goal is to create a team capable of defeating human opponents by 2050."

Great job JK!


  1. Huge mistake !!!! (remote controlled -> autonomous) This is why roboticist still need more communication with meida.

  2. Yes, they also did not watch any video of the event!