Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What are the best robot kits to buy for Christmas 2012.

I started thinking about this after looking at Adafruits new blog post on this very subject.

Best kids intro to robots kit is the OLLO starter kit.

Best intro to robots kit is the Bioloid STEM kit.

Best all round robotics kit to buy is the Bioloid Premium kit.

If price is no object then the DARwIn-OP is the best Humanoid robot on the market right now bar none.

Best servos has to be the whole line of Dynamixel servos from Robotis.

Best new Robot control board has to be the CM-900 also from Robotis.

I know everything above is made by Robotis but serious who else would you pick for the above areas? If you can make a case for another product by all means write a comment below.

I think RoboGrrl's RoboBrrd is the only kit other than a robotis kit that I can indorse. This would be a great intro level kit for any kid. So support her Indiegogo campaign.

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