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Robotis, Korea
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Monday, February 25, 2013

BIOLOID STEM Curriculum Review

"This is a first look at the curricular design of the STEM manuals.
The BIOLOID STEM system implements a new pedagogical approach (as compared to their previous BIOLOID-Comprehensive/Premium and OLLO-Explorer/Inventor manuals).  It is very much project-based with 7 projects in the STANDARD edition and 9 additional projects in their EXPANSION edition (not yet released, probably available in Spring 2013).  The STANDARD kit’s instructional materials came in 2 volumes, and as I read them, they invoked an image of a “spiral going up” in my mind.  Let me try to explain further:
  • Each project has 3 phases – Basics, Applications & Practical.
  • For each phase – depending on appropriateness – it has up to 7 stages – “Think about it”, “Introduce your robot”, “Make your robot”, “Programming”, “Troubleshooting” and “Problem Solving”.
  • Furthermore, at the end of each of the 3 phases there is an appropriate chapter about “Robot Technology” (Basic), “Robot Math” (Applications), and “Robot Science” (Practical).
  • Essentially the “stages” allow the student to revisit a particular subject or practice a particular skill but at a higher “understanding” level as the student goes through the 3 phases.
  • The projects get more sophisticated as the student progresses through the manuals, thus the student would be able to “master” robotics with breadth and depth."
This review is by Dr. Chi Thai of the University of Georgia.

Link to the Bioloid Stem Kit forum. 

Below is his video review of the two work books.

Below is his video review of the Bioloid Stem kit hardware.

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