Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stratasys is Suing or trying to Acquire MakerBot????

That is some of the latest rumors swirling around MakerBot.


"Stratasys does not yet have an entry-level model for average users, a niche in which Makerbot has generated "


"This is a dance, and perhaps in the end neither MakerBot nor Stratasys will commit to a long-term relationship, but the dance alone served both of their interests. It may just help each of them find new partners to dance with.'

Maker Pro Newsletter #17

"And in the end, owning the biggest online market for 3D printed designs may be a much bigger deal than owning a 3D printing manufacturer, especially for a company with much more IP and resources at its disposal than Makerbot itself."

The Next Market Blog.

"Meanwhile, the idea of MakerBot raising USD$25M makes much more sense. This follows the standard pattern of startup companies: raise money at a certain valuation and grow using that investment. Then raise more money at a higher valuation, since the company has grown. Everyone wins. MakerBot has already raised USD$10M, so they're already executing this strategy. "


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