Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Qualification Video for the DRC Finals-Team ROBOTIS

"ROBOTIS is currently developing a humanoid robot, THORMANG 2 to attend DRC finals. Previously, ROBOTIS participated in DRC trials as a team member of Team THOR. Team THOR used THOR-OP (also known as: THORMANG 1), also developed by ROBOTIS, and received the final tickets at Trials. Based on the experience of DRC trials, ROBOTIS built up the new team, named Team ROBOTIS composed of ROBOTIS, Korea Tech University and Korea Robotics Society etc.
THORMANG 2 is the upgrade version of THOR-OP (or THORMANG 1). It is much stronger, faster and more stable than the previous version, although its height and weight is similar to previous one. Modularity is its main feature. ROBOTIS has been providing modular servo actuators Dynamixel and Dynamixel-Pro for a decade. THORMANG 2 is simply assembled with 32 Dynamixel-Pro modules; its hardware and software are very compact and efficient. It allows us to develop a robot in a very short period time and to carry out fixes easily. For these reasons, modularity, we believe, will work well in real-life situations and DRC finals as well. After DRC finals, ROBOTIS is going to merchandise THORMANG 2 to share the DRC experience with other roboticists."

DRC link to the Robotis webpage.


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