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Sunday, August 23, 2015

My First Robotics Class will be on Saturday 09/26/2015 at Lawrence Center for Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Robotics using the Robotis-Mini and Robotis PLAY-600 Pets kits. (09/22/2015)

This will be a 3 hour beginner’s class on how to build, program and operate robots using the ROBOTIS-MINI and PLAY-600 platform. The first hour will be an introduction to robots using the PLAY-600 Pets kit. This kit is for ages 6 and up. The next hour will be an intro to humanoid robots using the ROBOTIS-MINI. Which is a kit design for ages 12 and up. The final hour will be robot Hospital.  Bring in your non-working robots and we will try to get them to work.


R+ Motion 2.0
RoboPlus 1.0
R+ Design
Also you can download brackets and frames for the robots if you want to do some 3d printing.

Control Software for the robots can be downloaded at Google Play and the Apple App Store. Just search for Robotis.

You can buy the robots here:

ROBOTIS Play 600 Kit

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