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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do Not Fear the Robot and why A.I research is not Dangerous!!

I have read a lot of articles in the last few months about how robots are going to take everyone's jobs and how A.I. programs will take over the world. I say do not fear the future and progress! I have a few ideas that should save the world and reduce everyone's chances of losing their jobs.

First sandbox your A.I. programs. Your megalomaniacal A.I. cannot hurt anyone if it is isolated from the outside world. Also don't take its word for it when it says it is safe to release it to the outside world. Megalomaniacs have been known to lie about their intentions.

Now on to robots, yes robots will in the future take a few jobs from humans but they will also create untold amount of opportunities for new jobs. Robot creator, robot designer, robot programmer, robot builder and robot repair are just a few ideas that come to the top of my head. There also will be many job opportunities that cannot be predicted but will happen.

So don’t be like the person who feared the car, the computer and the internet. Be the person who helps build, shape and creates the future.   

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