Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My first impressions on 3D systems suing Formlabs over patent infringement.

Sounds like Formlabs and Kickstarter maybe in trouble to me. I don't think either have the money to fight a long term legal battle.

This is going to make it harder to get funding through websites like kickstarter. Think of the thousands of people who are not gong to get a printer now.

Based on everything I have read it is a frivolous law suit, who's soul purpose is to keep Formlabs from producing a 3d resin printer.

What I find interesting is to two things.

3D systems is burning bridges to the DIY community. I bet they stop coming to Makerfaire now.

and why is the first lawsuit from 3d systems after a resin printer not towards Makerbot? I think 3d systems is working on a resin printer of their own.

I wonder if this is fallout for not being rated highly in the Make 3d printer special edition (3dsystems)?


  1. I have to agree. I can't understand the benefit to 3DS apart from stopping/delaying the release of the printer. It's going to do their reputation in the maker community a huge amount of harm, and any financial payout will be negligible for them.

    If they really wanted to stop the competition they should have offered to buy Formlabs out. Perhaps they already tried?

  2. I agree Gary, 3DS just made a lot of people mad and I know that they where already not liked by a lot of people in the DIY community.

    My guess is that they are working on a Resin printer of their own.

  3. As someone who backed formlabs to a tune of almost $3k I am not encouraged by the lack of comment from formlabs, publicly or to their investors, is my cash now 'gone'?

  4. I must agree with you Jason. I thought both kickstarter and Formlabs would have respond by now.