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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Robotis's New Servo the Dynamixel XM-430. Updated on 11/04/2015.

The information on the servo was just released at Humanoids 2015. I will post more information when I get it.

I found out that the XM-430 is still in development and the example below is a prototype.

Right now there are two types. The XM-430S design for speed and the XM-430Q design for extra torque.

Position Sensor: Contactless Abs.

Encoder 12bit, 360[deg]

Comm. Speed: 8000[bps] ~ 3[Mbps]

Control Algorithm: PID Control

Resolution: 0.088[deg]

Joint : 0~360[deg] /Multi-turn mode/ Wheel : Endless Turn

Weight: 82[g]

Dimension: 28.5 x 40.4 x 46.5

Gear Ratio: S: 212.6 /Q : 353.5

Stall Torque:  ?

Noload Speed: S : 95 rpm /Q : 58 rpm

Voltage: 12V

Protocol: RS485 Asynchronous Serial
8[bit], 1[stop], No Parity

DXL ver : 1.0 /  2.0(default setting) *can choice
RS485, Multi Drop Bus

It still maybe a replacement for the MX-28? So the cost could be around 200.00 USD?

Another good size comparison picture. 

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