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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Robotis XL-320 Servo Pinion Issue.

So what is a servo pinion you may ask. It is the gear directly attached to the motor of the servo or the main drive gear.

Below is a picture of the XL-320 servo casing opened up. The pinion is the small gear on the right which is above the servo motor.

Next we have pictures of different types of pinions from other servos.

It looks like the plastic pinion gear in the XL-320 maybe causing a few issue. See my video below.

It looks like the plastic pinion gear gets deformed overtime by heat and use. This then causes binding of the servo when both under power and not under power.

You can tell when the servo is starting to have issues when you get a servo red light, the servo stops moving or when it stops moving when the servo is not powered up.

I have some good news though. Dr. Chi Thai has posted a picture of the new version of the XL-320 with a brass pinion.

Based on his comments below. The new brass pinion fixes the issue and improves the movement of the servo!

"I just replaced all the leg actuators with the new XL-320s with metallic pinion gear.  The arms and head are still using the XL-320s with plastic pinion gears.  In the video, you can hear actuator #5 whining a bit, but the legs can be manipulated quite smoothly now."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

First test of the CMUcam5 PIXY Camera by CMU

"Pixy is a fast, low-cost vision sensor you can quickly “teach” to find objects, and it connects directly to Arduino and other controllers. For more information see the wiki ."

This a very cool vision camera for the price. I bought mine for 70.00 USD.

Link to where you can buy if from Adafruit.   

It is a little big for my like but the camera can do a lot of vision processing on board. Which is a great help if you are using a dumb controller like the Arduino.

Link to Wiki page for basic tutorials.  

My next project is to get it to work with the CM-904c. (link)