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Friday, February 19, 2016

ROBOTIS-Mini Dance Contest Rules for the KC Area Schools Pilot Competition Spring 2016.

Dancing with the Robots

How to Enter:
For a school to enter into the contest a team must be formed based on the following:
·         Four our more students being overseen by a teacher
·         Team must show variety of interests in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) fields

This team must then make a video answering the following questions:
1.       What is unique about your team?
2.       Which category of STEAM is each member interested in the most?
3.       What will be unique about your team’s robot?
4.       What theme and song choice is your team considering for the routine?

The video will need to be submitted onto ROBOTIS INC Youtube channel before March 25th. The teams will be decided and announced by March 27th.

Contest Guidelines:
The teams that are selected will be provided with a DARWIN-MINI kit to build, program, and choreograph for their routine. The performance must follow the guidelines below:
·         There must be at least one student on stage with the robot for majority of the performance
·         There can be up to 5 robots in the routine, but they all must utilize ROBOTIS Dynamixel actuators and one robot must be a DARWIN-MINI
·         All robots must be fully autonomous
·         No dancer is allowed to come into physical contact with a robot, but the robots themselves may interact
·         Routine should stay within 2-5 minute timeframe
·         Props, costumes, staging, and original music are highly encouraged

When a team feels that they are ready, they will need to record, edit, and submit their performance to the ROBOTIS Inc. contest website before July 30th. The video will then be forwarded to the company’s Youtube channel which is where the teams will need to promote their videos among their contacts to receive the most amount of “likes” before August 13th.

After the promotional deadline, the voting process will cease and reviewed to be tallied into their initial score. Then a process for designated judges will determine the winning team. The winner will receive an award for their school and a trophy.

Below is more detail about the Dance video competition: 

Dancing with the Robots

ROBOTIS, Inc. is accepting proposals from local schools to enter ROBOTIS’ robot dancing competition, “Dancing with the Robots.” The purpose of this RFP is to establish the necessity of “Dancing with the Robots,” to establish competition eligibility requirements, and to provide schools with the evaluation criteria against which they will be judged.

To address the lack educational materials and solutions to cultivate future mathematicians, scientists, and engineers in the United States, ROBOTIS Inc. is willing to host a robot dancing competition called “Dancing with the Robots.” This competition encourages the utilization of robots to entice students to enter into the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields and cultivates comradery among the students from other specialized areas, such as Drama, Music, and Arts, to create a creative and fun dance routine utilizing a ROBOTIS Mini kit.

ROBOTIS will be supporting up to 5 schools to participate in this competition. To qualify, each school’s team, composing of at least 4 students and an overseeing teacher, will need to make a video stating why they should be selected to participate based off a set of standards that will be asked from every candidate. The video will then need to be submitted to ROBOTIS to decide if they will compete.

Each team will be provided with a ROBOTIS MINI robot kit to program and choreograph a dance based on a theme and song that lasts at least 2 minutes and does not exceed 5 minutes.  When the team feels they are ready, they will then need to record their performance and post it on ROBOTIS Inc. channel.

What the teams will need to do until the final deadline of determining a winner, each team will need to promote their videos within their connections to have their video to receive Youtube “likes.” The team that receives the most number of “likes” and earns the most number of points based on evaluation criteria, ROBOTIS will award their school with a prize.

Evaluation Criteria
Each team can earn a maximum of 200 points. Contestants are judged in 5 categories:
         Teamwork (30 points) - Team Composition
-          Team Chemistry
-          Team Spirit and Enthusiasm
         Performance (30 points)
-          Creativity
-          Utilization of Props, Scenery, Light and Sound Effects, and Costumes
-          Interaction
         Choreography (40 points) - Theme and Flow
-          Rhythm
-          Utilization of Dance Floor
-          Difficulty
         Robot Design (40 points) - Durability
-          Mechanization
-          Effective Utilization of Sensors
-          Design Originality
         Programming (60 points)
§  Efficiency
§  Automation/Navigation

ROBOTIS’s rubric is based on Lego’s First Lego League Rubric (2013) and RoboCup Junior’s Dance Interview and Dance Performance Score Sheets (2014).3, 4, 5.


  1. Do we need to do anything besides upload our video to the channel. Is there any paper work to fill out?

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  3. For now just upload your video to Youtube! If want to get noticed, post the video here:

  4. Thanks. We are working on finishing the video and hope to have it up right after Spring Break. Thank you. The students are really excited.