Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Monday, October 7, 2013

A robot named Yoo-Mo, is it real or is it fiction?

Robot Nanny:
Like many working moms with young kids, Park Soo Jung from South Korea was ready to throw a tantrum of her own. "Every day I was exhausted," she said. "It was very difficult to perform all the duties of a good mother."

She received help from an unlikely source: A robot named Yoo-Mo, which is Korean for "Nanny." And this soon could be an overwhelmed parent's new best friend.

Once the stuff of science fiction, these are now in the beta testing phase in Korea, where the cost of day care is the third highest in the world.

The robot plays and reads with kids, and can even warn parents with a text message if the kids are up to no good.

Yoo-Mo is the brainchild of engineer Dennis Hong. When Dennis Hong was recently in NYC, he and Al met at Fordham University’s robotics lab for a quick demo.

"The robots you see here are not toys," Hong told Al. "Robots can be used for supervising multiple children for longer periods of time ... It's the next big thing."

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