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Monday, April 11, 2016

Project: FuzzyBuster, Creator: Michael Chen

A 3D Printed Humanoid Robot.

The creator and his robot:

Robot: FuzzyBustor

Team: Fuzzy

From: Taiwan

This is an open sourced project. Project website is under construction.

Servos: Allturn 5314 HV

Control Board: Custom Arduino Mega 2560 plus pololu mini maestro

PS2 remote control

Filament is PLA with carbon fiber infused

Printer: Flashforge Creator Pro

Programming is done by a custom design software in C.

Design process was Inventor then Simplfily 3D

The robot also has a sound system to play music and lots of LEDs

FuzzyBuster Demo

FuzzyBuster KungFu

And finally more FuzzyBuster KungFu:

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