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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Robotis DARwIn-mini.

Announcement by Bill Kim CEO of Robotis.

"[The next step humanoids (3)]
It’s true that the functions of current humanoids so far are based on their physical movements like the motions of walking, dancing, soccer, fighting…etc.. DARWIN-mini is no exception. But this time we focused on linking smart gadgets. This linking is not only for controlling the robot but also for improving the smart gadgets’ own functions. Also, as I said before, the expandability of DARWIN-mini is better than any other humanoids. We developed attachable sensors like Ultra-sonic, color, magnetic as optional parts at the same time. Besides, it will be an open platform like a DARWIN-OP. Even DARWIN-mini’s case will be more effective because it is light and small enough for applying 3D printer. In addition, it is compatible with KIDSLAB parts. I expect various modified robots will be appeared. Maybe some of them will be better than original one.
Nevertheless, I don’t think that DARWIN-mini will be the bestselling robot. Still humanoids have a long way to go. I just hope DARWIN-mini play a role in motivating many robot developers to join this mission. This is the reason that ROBOTIS launch DARWIN-mini.
[The picture below is the plain state of DARWIN-mini]"

 Creator's of the DARwIn-OP Dr. Dennis Hong and Dr. JK Han and there personalized versions of the DARwin-mini.

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