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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Servo Magazine creates Fake News to sell Magazines!

This is a great example of yellow journalism or fake news. You write an Article about IoT security and only single out V-Sido for possible security issues. They only talk about the V-Sido OS because it controls a famous Japanese robot. Not because  it has any known security issues. I am calling out #ServoMagazine for poor journalists practices. They should retract their statement about the V-Sido OS! I am going to boycott #ServoMagazine until they do! I will try to interview the makers of Kurates and V-Sido when I am in Japan for the Tokyo Maker Faire and see what they think about the article which is what Servo Magazine should have done!

Article below from the June Servo Magazine.

Picture and caption where they singled out V-Sido!

Arthur's responsible for the article.

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