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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review of the Robotis Play 700 OLLO Kit ,UPDATED (08/27/2017)

I have played around with this kit for about a year now and I would have to say that this is one of the coolest robot kits that I have ever worked with and its price is only 89.95! The kit builds on the very successful Robotis Play 600 Pets kit, which in itself is a great intro to robotics kit for young children. Almost all of the parts in the Play 600 and the Play 700 kits or interchangeable. So if you already have the Play 600 kit then you can combine the two kits to give your kid more building capabilities. I have used this kit in the robotics classes I teach during the summer and I have only got positive reviews from the kids in the class. They like the added remote control capability with an IOS device or android device and the ability to program the robot using the Scratch programming language. Which most kids have already tried and used to learn basic programming with. I would suggest that you buy the Robotis Play 600 pets kit first then if you kids like it buy this kit next to give them more to learn about in the field of robotics.

Interview of one of my robot workshop students and their first impressions of the Play 700.

Play 700 un-boxing videos.

Below are the three robot examples you can build with the kit.

Where to buy: Amazon ROBOTIS.US

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