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TurtleBot 3
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review of the ROBOTIS-MINI

I can’t say enough about this kit! No other humanoid robot can bet its price and performance! I have owned and used this robot for over 3 years now and everyone who sees it falls in love with it. This robot has won me many awards over that last 3 years at Maker Faires as best of show/faire (4 times) and at Robogames for events like robot freestyle (silver and bronze medal winner) and soccer (gold and silver medal winner). What everyone loves the most about this robot is its dance moves as it is a great dancer! It comes with everything you need to build it with including a screwdriver and to program it with. This is also a great kit to start with and as a learning tool before you move on to Robotis’ more advanced humanoid robots like the Bioloid Premium humanoid or ROBOTIS-OP 2. If you are new to robotics or humanoid robots this is a great kit to start with.

Extra tip: Build-a-Bear workshop clothes fit this robot if you want to add personality to your robot!

Below is my ROBOTIS-MINI un-boxing video.

Robotis-mini climbing stairs during Robogames 2017.

My interview of two high school students talking about programming the Robotis-mini at Robogames 2017.

Where you can buy it: Robotis World.  Robotis US. Amazon

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