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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Robogames 2018 After Action Report

I just got back from Robogames 2018 last weekend. Where I won 3 medals this year. See picture above. Robogames is an annual international robotics competition located at the Alameda Faire grounds in Pleasanton, CA. There where over 900 robots competing this year from countries all over the world. I compete with my humanoid robots every year in both autonomous and remote control activities. I also program and build my robots for the event.

I won two medals with my humanoid robot Super Anthony. Anthony won a silver medal for robot demonstration and a bronze medal for robot Kungfu. Anthony is a robot from Taiwan. He is designed to be a fighting robot.

My other robot Happy-3D won a bronze medal as part of a 3 robot soccer team. He is 3D because many of his parts are printed on a 3D printer and he is Happy because he loves to dance. Happy is designed to be a multipurpose robot (soccer, dancing, fighting).

Robogames is more than just humanoid robot competitions. See the list below. The most popular competitions are combat robotics of all weigh groups.  Also the junior league had a large turn out this year.

Check out their website for more information about the event.

If you want to see videos of the robots inaction go to youtube or twitch and search for robogames.

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