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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Super Anthony: The Battle Robot with 45 Kg Servo Force Punch (Kickstarter)

Super Anthony is the medal-winning fighting robot with 15 steel-geared servomotors and 45 kg servo force punch. Be a robot master now!

Undergoing countless adjustments. Enduring intense metal-clashing fights. Winning countless battles and earning deafening cheers. After five years of trial by fire, we present you with Super Anthony!

Born for success. Fight for glory. Meet the unbeatable fighting robot with 15 steel-geared servomotors at 45 kg force each.

Link to Kickstarter campaign. 

I have the robot and I just competed at Robogames with it!. We won a Silver medal for robot demo and a bronze medal for Kungfu.

Video of the robot in action. As you can see this robot has a fast and agile walking gait. 

The robot weighs out at 2.0 kg.

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