Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How much is Boomer pushing or pulling?

I bought a digital scale to find out. Below are two videos. One for the max amount Boomer can push and the other for the max pull.

As you can see Boomer can push more than he can pull. So I will weigh 6 bottles of water.

First I will weigh one bottle. (516 grams)
 Now 6 bottles of water. (3.129 kilograms)
Now the total weight: basket and water bottles. (3.306 kilograms)

I then weighed Boomer. (1.749 kilograms)

So Boomer who weighs 1.750 kilograms can push 3.306 kilograms or 1.889 times his own weight. Now the question is what could Boomer do if I replaced his AX-12 servos with AX-18Fs? AX-18F have 18 kgf cm holding torque vs. 15 for the AX-12+.

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