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Monday, May 9, 2011

Only 6,000 dollars for a DARwIn-OP!!!


"Selling robots is the main business for South Korean manufacturer ROBOTIS. One of its latest products is DARwIn-OP, an open-source, 18-inch humanoid robot designed by Virginia Tech’s Hong. ROBOTIS Chief Executive Bill Kim pegs the market for small, do-it-yourself robots at $40 or $50 million. ROBOTIS aims to grab more than 20% of that market within a year with DARwIn-OP, which it is selling for $12,000 ready-made or $6,000 for a parts kit. To manage maintenance costs, the company is using only one kind of actuator module (motor) in its DARwIn-OP models. Kim anticipates the price of DARwIn-OP to fall by half over the next three years and continue to decrease several more times over the next decade.

ROBOTIS Sales Director Jinwook “Jinux” Kim says the company has sold about 30 DARwIn-OP’s since spring, mostly to U.S. universities, but also to some Asian schools and research labs and to companies that specialize in children’s entertainment"

Link to article on the Forbes Website by Elizabeth Woyke.