Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spidey: open-source robotics platform

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"Spidey is an Open-Source legged robot. It can be made with standard on-shelf electronics and parts, plus some 3D-printed elements.

This is intended to be a standard platform for hobbyists, research and education. You can easily change any part of its 3D design, like setting new dimensioxl-320ns, number of legs or adding new parts, but also its electronics, adding new sensors or actuators, and, of course, its software, creating new behaviours, gaits or any intelligence you can think of!

Making the robot yourself is quite easy, it requires to order some parts, mainly from Robotis.

The original Spidey contains 12 XL-320 actuators, which is the main component of the price. You’ll also have to buy its controller, the OpenCM9.04 (type B), and a battery. You’ll also have to print some 3D parts. On our printers, we can build a Spidey in about 12 hours of print time."

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