Robotis, Korea

Robotis, Korea
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kim Byung Soo ROBOTIS representative and THOR-A

"Contest participation, innovation gauge

interest in different wave Robotics Challenge last representative Kim; will reap good results from (DRC DARPA Robotics Challenge). The selection of the best robot to jump to the disaster site the DRC. Began to gauge the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan last spring of 2011. Opened in December last year in the finals friend & D as a consortium partner robot engineer Dennis Hong, researchers, military contractors and apsewotda ROBOTIS Harris is a robot R 'Thor -OP' (Korea people ttolmang). Showed the possibility of a form as easily change depending on a variety of missions, including valve lock competitions, obstacle removing it, the car you drive ttolmang. 's not like the first goal of the contest ROBOTIS participation. Is to develop a technique that can be useful in the future process. Samneunda occasion of innovation through a competition to identify the universities, research institutes and start-up of the technology as well as the status of the world.Notices may be beneficial in increasing the market to create a standard for future robot market. Said it would be an opportunity to jump ROBOTIS the development of professional service robots that come out of the factory for producing robots are now steaming representative. "and the German and Japanese companies dominate the market for manufacturing robots. I would not have even squeeze into gaps domestic SMEs. Comes out of the factory robots varies talk. Move the wire to the battery, not to fall or when you've hit it should be resolved. The situation is as yet small, lightweight, dynamic cell smart drive required. " is based on the parish steadily expanding market. Robots like to know the 'play' at school and at home because contact with the dream of Kim Representative "will make the world easier for everyone to create a robot." Kim also represent changes in the mobile, Internet objects; are looking for an opportunity in (IoT Internet of Things). Home of ROBOTIS again.The first sentence of greeting is this. 'Robo-Tees is the name of the company is applying the philosophical worries of what the robot (Robot is) ....' The reason for the expected ROBOTIS 'Robot' is receiving attention lately is creation economy moves to more technical geosego humanities.article = choehyeonsuk press"

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