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Robotis, Korea
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Friday, December 26, 2014

Zen ( 禪 ) and Robot Bracket Making or how to make a Robot Bracket like a Samurai Sword (katana).

I have been thinking about this idea for a while, how to make both a tough and strong robot bracket.

I have found that a tough bracket is too flexible and a strong bracket is too brittle. So this got me thinking. What other man made objects have the same issues as robot brackets?

First we need to take a step back. So what is a robot bracket.

A servo or robot bracket is the main structure of your robot and it needs to support everything your robot does. The brackets will connect your servos together.

The picture below shows the brackets of the ROBOTIS-OP.

Now on to the basics of how to make a Samurai Sword (katana) Watch the videos below for a good introduction.

The type of Samurai sword (katana) that I am most interested in is the kobuse type. It is made from two types of metal hagane (edge steel) and shingane (core steel). The edge steel is strong and brittle and the core steel is tough and flexible.

The Vikings also made their swords in the Maru way. As can be seen by this video.

So you may ask what does this have to do with Robot bracket making? My idea is to 3d print out robot brackets using two different filaments. One is a flexible tough plastic like NingaFlex and the other is a stronger more brittle plastic like ABS Carbon Fiber Filament.

My twist though is to use flexible plastic / shingane on the outside layers and more brittle and hard plastic / hagane on the inside layers. 

I think this will get me what I want. A robot bracket with a tough surface. That also cushion the robot when it falls and a robot bracket with a strong interior that keeps the bracket from flexing to much.

I think this idea will also work for robot covers like the ones on the ROBOTIS-OP. I am not sure if the whole cover should be of flexible plastic or just the outside layers. I need to do testing on this.

Covers of the ROBOTIS-OP are in the picture below.

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